With a higher proportion of green space in new buildings and the popularity of home gardening, the demand for gardening products is rising. MEGA GARDENING offers a wide range of landscape decorations, gardening equipment to meet the rising market demand.

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  • Landscape Decorations
  • Gardening Tool & Equipment
  • Outdoor Decorations & Materials
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Gardening Wearables

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Hear What Buyers Say

Brian Niemann, Owner
Rushmore Photo & Gifts, Inc.

In business for 75 years, we are one of the largest providers of souvenirs in the Midwest with service areas covering North & South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. I have been visiting MEGA SHOW for over 10 years now. It’s such an important show featuring a huge number of suppliers and vast variety of merchandise. Both the atmosphere and high product quality are great. These keep me returning year after year.

Brian Niemann, Owner / Rushmore Photo & Gifts, Inc. / USA

Ingo Erben, Owner
erben-promotion GmbH

We are an importer always on the lookout for new promotional gifts from China, Taiwan and South Korea. I first visited MEGA SHOW around 5 years ago and have become stuck to it since then! The show is never short of new and inspiring ideas and the products on display are of premium quality. I have spotted more than 10 new suppliers at this year’s show, which is terrific!

Ingo Erben, Owner / erben-promotion GmbH / Germany

Robert Martinelli, CEO
Present Madness Ltd.

Based in London, our company is an importer of all types of giftware. We have been coming to MEGA SHOW for 25 years. I love this show as it’s very organized, professional and provides very good sourcing options. On this trip, I have connected with some new Asian manufacturers who offer good product design and quality. I will certainly return again next year!

Robert Martinelli, CEO / Present Madness Ltd. / U.K.

Other Product Theme Shows

MEGA Electronics show


  • Home Appliances
  • Computer Accessories
  • Tablet Accessories
  • Mobile Accessories
  • Charging Devices
  • AR Devices & Accessories
  • VR Devices & Accessories
  • Wearable Devices

MEGA Lighting Show


  • Connected Lighting
  • Decorative Lighting
  • Public Lighting Solutions
  • Outdoor Lighting Solutions
  • Energy-efficient Lighting Solutions
  • Professional Smart Lighting